2020 highlights

Assisted 50+ businesses

Secured over $700,000 in loans & grants for small businesses

Partnered with over 20 organizations

Received State of Florida Main Street recognition:

Prosperous Microbusinesses.  Thriving Commercial Corridors.
Inclusive   &  Sustainable   Neighborhoods.   Upward   Mobility.

Our goal is to protect and strengthen the identity, charm and cultural appeal of our Allapattah neighborhood, as well as other ethnic communities in Miami, by ensuring long term residents are able to thrive in an environment plagued with disparities, misinformation and disinvestment. Over the past years, we have worked with the community to develop a strategic plan. Our strategies focus on collaboration, education and hand-on-hand coaching to strengthen individuals, small micro businesses and the community. To learn more about the best practices that we have identified to improve our neighborhood, click here.


Our Challenge: Displacement and lack of opportunity are eradicating Miami’s cultural neighborhoods.

Our Strategy:  Well funded community development strategies that focus on education, engagement, wealth creation and asset building, to preserve community authenticity, sustainability, and legacy.

Our Impact: Our efforts guarantee stronger economic development practices in disenfranchised  communities. Our goal is to revive the local micro-economy, boost our neighborhood commercial districts and preserve the authenticity of our community.

We Invest

We invest in human capital, sweat equity, immigrant’s dreams, cultural identity and community ownership. The authenticity of our neighborhood should be preserved by investing in the elements that make it unique.

We Build

We build key coalitions, frameworks, pathways, assets, community wealth, confidence and pride. Together with community and partners we build a future where real economic justice, inclusiveness, sustainability and upward mobility are attainable.

We Advocate

We advocate vigorously for equitable development, economic inclusion and social justice. From Capitol Hill to our local City Hall, we advocate for low- and middle-income communities to ensure they have a seat at the table.


We implement place-making techniques to foster identity, support wealth-building strategies for marginalized communities of color and advocate for policies and procedures that support equitable, comprehensive and sustainable community development. We envision culturally preserved Miami’s neighborhoods thriving with community inclusivity, equitable development and sustainable policies and practices that promote wealth building and upward mobility for its people. 

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