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Allapattah In Action

Let's Preserve Allapattah Together


Allapattah is among Miami's oldest communities, tracing its history to the mid-1850s.


In the past 10-years, gentrification, condo developments, and a lack of protective policies have hit our community hard. 


At The Allapattah Collaborative, our initiatives aim to renew that entrepreneurial dream, reignite our commercial prowess and infuse Miami with Dominican culture where it all started- Allapattah.


Our goal is to revive the local micro-economy and preserve vulnerable cultural communities of color. 


We are working to: 

  • Prevent small business and resident’s displacement

  • Build wealth for long term residents and marginalized communities

  • Expand the community development process by including the community at its core

  • Promote equitable development by requiring a Community Benefit Agreement for all developments  

  • Celebrate our history and uniqueness. 

We are making the community resilient and sustainable as we build a legacy for the future

You Can Help by telling us your Allapattah Story!

Everyone can help make a difference in preserving the culture and history of our community:


Help us preserve our history by telling us your Allapattah story! Contribute to our depository of stories that truly capture the essence of our community. You can share videos, poems, spoken word, writings, and mementos documenting the history, lifestyle, and essence of Allapattah:


Donate artifacts relevant to Allapattah and the Dominican Community from the 1960s to 2010. 


Or scan the QR Code to go to the application:


You can also donate to help the Collaborative run their educational outreach programs, including the Small Business Resiliency Cohort & the Allapattah Community Fellows Program:

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