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The Allapattah Collaborative is a fierce advocate for equitable development, economic justice and the preservations of our authentic communities. We welcome you to join us in our advocacy initiatives.


Public Land for Public Good Coalition

The University of Miami Office of Community Engagement identified more than 500 million square feet of vacant, unused, or underutilized land across Miami- Dade County and its 34 municipalities with its interactive tool Land Access for Neighborhood Development, or LAND. A coalition of non-profits came together to demand that ALL public LAND in Miami Dade County and its municipalities must be used for public good in a framework that delivers sustainability to Miami residents, our systems and the environment. Check out the Public Land for Public Good Statement and sign on to it!

 Miami’s Community Benefit Agreement Coalition

The Allapattah Collaborative CDC collaborated with The Corporate Social Responsibility Foundation, Community Justice Project, Catalyst Miami and other organizations to produce a comprehensive Community Benefit Agreement that encompasses best practices from around the world. This master document is open source and it is shared with community groups, so they can determine the benefits they should demand when new development is coming to their neighborhood. Aside from creating this comprehensive document, the coalition educates community groups to fully understand the power of community benefit agreements to improve equitable development and equity in their neighborhoods. Click here to download the Model Miami/South Florida Community Benefit Agreement: A Resource Guide. 


 Support Main Street Community Preservation  Programs

Our constituents have invested their dreams and life to create small businesses in a commercial corridor that has built a microeconomy that sustains the neighborhood. The sweat equity they have contributed to the neighborhood, despite the governmental disinvestment of the area, cannot be disregarded or go unnoticed. Through the Main Street framework, we support the organization and technical assistance of small businesses, create marketing and promotion that highlights the authenticity of the area, curate the design of streetscapes and historic places and boost the economic vitality of the commercial corridor. We advocate to keep these programs running properly and for them to be well-funded at the national, state and local levels.

 Invest in Miami’s Socio-Economic Infrastructure 

The Allapattah Collaborative CDC understands the power of coalition-building in the demand for justice, equity and inclusion. Aside from supporting our community partners, the intersectionality of socio-economic issues that affects our constituents also affect our ability to fully reach organizational goals. We fully support strong plans that increase access to affordable housing, living wage employment, climate resilience, adequate healthcare and the strengthening of family and community.


If you are interested in staying involved in our advocacy initiatives, make sure to join our mailing list.

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