Community Workshops

The Allapattah Collaborative provides community workshops on small business development, economic inclusion and community development best practices. We organize small business owners and key institutions to implement equitable development strategies to prevent displacement and protect legacy businesses. Addressing the sustainability of the commercial corridor is urgent. Through collaboration with partnering institutions, we deliver these workshops to small businesses and community groups.


Community Advocacy


  • Equitable Development- This is an entry-level training that explains what is equitable development, the need for it and how it can make a difference in our communities.

  • Community Benefit Agreements- This training focuses on the purpose of a Community Benefit Agreement, how they can increase equity and wellbeing in our communities. In this session, we review successful CBAs and the key factors that make a CBA a useful tool for community development.

  • Legacy Business Advocacy- This training focuses on teaching small businesses how to properly advocate for legacy business legislation and protections.

  • Main Street Framework for Community Preservation- This training focuses on using the Main Street model to advocate for the authenticity and preservation of our historic neighborhoods.

  • Community Land Trust to Build Ownership- In this training, we discuss what is a CLT, how it works and how it is a wealth-building vehicle for marginalized communities

Small Businesses Track


  • Financial Education- Helps small businesses with credit, bookkeeping, and basic small business operations.

  • Building Small Business Resiliency- Skills to survive a rapidly-changing business environment including marketing, promotions, and branding.

  • Procurement Opportunities with Anchor Institution- Preparing small businesses for procurement opportunities with larger institutions such as the Health District, airports, municipalities, and school boards.

  • Digital Inclusion Assessment- We analyze the digital reach of small businesses and teach small business how to make the most of e-commerce business development, social media marketing and digital options to improve operational effectiveness


We implement place-making techniques to foster identity, support wealth-building strategies for marginalized communities of color and advocate for policies and procedures that support equitable, comprehensive and sustainable community development. We envision culturally preserved Miami’s neighborhoods thriving with community inclusivity, equitable development and sustainable policies and practices that promote wealth building and upward mobility for its people. 

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