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Digital Inclusion Volunteer

Volunteers are needed by the Allapattah Collaborative CDC to assist small businesses with social media and online visibility. The ongoing COVID-19 pandemic has presented a challenging situation for small businesses in our low-income communities due to a decrease in foot traffic and lower storefront capacity limits. The Allapattah Collaborative CDC is working together to help these businesses create an engaging digital presence and expand their business's online offerings to help them thrive during this difficult time.


This opportunity is 100% digital and will require a brief training regarding the importance of the work and the projects we expect them to complete.

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Community Canvasser

We are looking for community canvassers to support the Allapattah community. Our community canvasser assignments include door to door canvassing, phone banking, and general community canvassing. We are looking for people who are self-motivated, have a positive attitude, good judgment, and have the passion to help the community to increase their civic engagement and information awareness. While this opportunity is able to be 100% digital, the ideal volunteer for this position will be able to comfortably follow COVID-19 safety protocols and engage in in-person canvassing. Apply Here

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