Allapattah Main Street 

The Allapattah Collaborative CDC is establishing a Main Street program. Main Street™ is a volunteer-led, place-based management strategy and network of over 1,600 communities of all sizes from rural to urban areas. Main Street is a preservation-based economic development framework driven by a locally-adopted, market-based strategy.  The board, in conjunction with partners and volunteers, work across a broad range of activities that include:


1. Design to improve the physical environment (e.g., streetscapes, facades);


2. Promotion to market the district (e.g., events, social media, image-building);


3. Economic Vitality to reposition the district (e.g., business assistance, new business development, economic strategy);


4. Organizational Development to build a strong organization that represent a diverse set of stakeholders (e.g., human and financial resources).


We implement place-making techniques to foster identity, support wealth-building strategies for marginalized communities of color and advocate for policies and procedures that support equitable, comprehensive and sustainable community development. We envision culturally preserved Miami’s neighborhoods thriving with community inclusivity, equitable development and sustainable policies and practices that promote wealth building and upward mobility for its people. 

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