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Public Land 

Public Land in Allapattah: The Library and the GSA Lot

In Allapattah, there are two pieces of publicly-owned land in the process of being redeveloped. The Allapattah Collaborative and Public Land for Public Good Miami want to ensure that the residents, who own this land, have a say in its future from the beginning of the process.

The Allapattah Library

Last fall, the City of Miami gave the rights to develop the land where the Allapattah Library sits to a non-profit community development corporation, which plans to build affordable and workforce housing. The library, which is across the street from Miami Jackson Senior High, is one of the few safe spaces for students to hang out after school with friends, access free Wifi and find a quiet space to do homework.


Allapattah is in great need of affordable housing. The services the library offers, and access to public space, are also vital.


Will you sign the petition to have the new development include the library?

The 18-acre GSA Lot

In 2019, Mayor Francis Suarez asked for proposals to develop the 18-acre, city-owned lot in the heart of Allapattah. Known as the GSA lot, the property currently being used for waste management is located on Northwest 20th Street between 12th and 14th Avenues. 


Whatever happens on this property will shape the neighborhood for years to come.


The Allapattah Collaborative and Public Land for Public Good Miami want to ensure residents have a say in this property’s future.


Will you take a two-minute, online survey on this issue?

This effort is done in partnership with Public Land for Public Good Miami, a coalition of 30-groups who advocate that public land be developed equitably and sustainably. Visit to learn more.

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