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Thrive In-Place

Thrive In-Place

For any big and beautiful tree, the condition of the roots determine the heights and health of its branches.  Likewise, any community will also need roots - people, spaces and businesses - that are strong and healthy, in order for its citizens to thrive in place.

Allapattah is in imminent danger of total uprooting and displacement.  The national wave of outrageous real estate price increases is now a crisis in this neighborhood.  Small business owners have seen rent increases of up to 300%, even through the COVID pandemic!  

The Allapattah Collaborative CDC is committed to rooting as many small business owners as possible in the neighborhood, in two major ways:

  1. Technical assistance - quipping them with all the tools and skills needed to be resilient.

  2. Community ownership - mobilizing the neighbors and business owners to purchase their storefronts and affordable housing buildings.

This is where YOU can help! Join us in helping small businesses be permanently planted in the neighborhood, so the community as a whole can thrive and rise to new heights.

DONATE - you can click the "Donate" button on the top right corner of the page, and partner with us in this work.

INVEST - we welcome social impact investors to join our efforts. Fill out the form below.

Invest In Allapattah

Get in touch with us if you want to invest in our real estate portfolios.

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